How to install cypress automation framework

Hi in this post I am going to explain how to install cypress it might be interesting who are not familiar with node.js, npm but no worries it is very easy to install it but first let’s mention a little bit about cypress automation framework. I am also new to this new technology, learning and using it at work in the meantime. To be honest I liked it so far and the development team seems working hard to make it better.

Cypress is the new way of testing for anything you want that runs in a browser. It has never been that easy to install and use a testing framework. This framework is not only for QA people but also for developers, developers can also write their test easily and identify the issues before send it to QA.

It has some good features such as;

  • Automatic reloads whenever you make a change on your tests and save it.
  • You can debug your tests easily by using its own tool.
  • You don’t have to write extra codes to wait for an element as we were doing with Selenium. Cypress handling this wait operations by itself.

How to install cypress

It is very easy to install cypress. You can either download it to a folder on your pc or you can install it easily via npm which is recommended.

Now I will show how to install via npm. First choose a path on your pc that you want to install cypress to. Open command line and go to your project path. We are ready to install cypress now so you just need to type npm install cypress –save-devĀ and click enter.

How to install cypress
how to install cypress

You just need to wait few minutes for the installation process and it is done! Now you are ready to run cypress. next post will be related to opening cypress.


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