How to open cypress

We have learned how to install cypress in previous post, you can go and see how to install cypress automation framework if you did not read it already. In this post we are going to see how to open cypress.

How to open cypress

After the installation you will see below folders/files inside the directory.

cypress automation
Files after installing cypress

If you see those files in your installation path you are safe, if not I think it is better to reinstall cypress.

Okey now let’s start cypress. To do this open command line and go to the path that cypress is installed. And write one of the below lines to the command line as shown below.

There are few ways to run cypress;

First: You can write .\node_modules\.bin\cypress open as shown below

Open cypress
First way to open cypress

Second: You can write npx cypress open

or the third way is by writing $(npm bin)/cypress open.

If you see below screen after opening cypress, this means it is ready to use.

how to open cypress automation screen
Cypress screen

It is that easy to open cypress. However this screen may look like different because of the version of your cypress so don’t panic.

Please note that examples are from windows so if you are working on other platforms you should refer cypress website for further information.


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